Show AX Compile progress (AXCompileProgressV1.00)

For some time now i wanted a tool that would show me the progress of a Compilation in AX, so i made this little tool.

It uses the AOT compile log, that you can enable in AX2012, by going to Tools\Options\Development\Compiler

And put a tick in AOT log:

Ax will now generate a compilation log in the given folder named AOTComp.log

Now my program will look at that logfile and from that calculate and show a progress bar for the compilation progress.

Right now the program might be very buggy since this is the first version, and also it will only look for the logfile under the current users Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Log folder, but i will change that in later versions.
Also the program needs to "run as Administrator", i will see if i can fix that also.

You can download the program from this link (

Please do leave a comment if you find the program useful, have a bug or a suggestion for a change.


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