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The Code Profiler in Dynamics AX

The Code Profiler in Dynamics AX is a powerful tool for finding performance issues in the application.

But it can also be a little difficult to use simply just because of the overwhelming amount of data it creates, so sometimes it's nice to limit the amount of code it runs on.

This is where the macro #profileBegin comes in really handy.

If you already know the place in your code that runs slow, you can put in the macro before and after, and then the profiler only runs on that piece of code.

public void  printJournal(Set _journalList) {     /*      . Cut out code      .      .     */         {             #profileBegin("printJournal")    // RSH Start profiling code             this.sendAsXML();             this.doPrint();             #profileEnd                      // RSH End profiling code         }     } }
Now you only profile the code you actually …

Beta versions of Dynamics AX

So one of my thoughts when Microsoft bought the company Navision, and with that company the product we today knows as Dynamics AX, was YES now we will finally get beta versions of the product just like the Visual Studio developers of the world gets beta versions of that product.

But unfortunately that did not happen, we as developers only get access to the product when its ready to be sold.

And i do not understand why this is the case, is there any good reason why Microsoft is not letting us get early access to beta version of AX?

Please let me know what your thoughts are?