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Auto Create Classes

I think we all have this little archive of code that we use again and again in AX.

So i have made to different tools for handling these code snippets, and here is the first one of them, the Auto Create Class tool.

So really simply told when you run the Class, you select witch Class type to generate, then the name and/or further parameters for the Class you are making.

At the moment the Class can create these Class Types:

Std_Run,  Simple class with Main and Run methods.Std_DialogBatch,  Class that can run in Batch and has a DialogStd_Exp2Excel,  Class for exporting data to Excel, typically a Table, but could be anything.
But i hope to add on to this list as more stuff comes up, if you have any ideas write a comment with it, and i will have a look.

If you want to use this tool you can download a zip file with the tool from the links below.
The Zip file contains,
1 project export file with the elements needed in AX (PrivateProject_DevCreateClasses.xpo)3 xpo's with exports of the temp…