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Dynamics AX use of the startupcmd parameter

If you start ax32.exe with -startupcmd you can use this to automate some tasks.

Like for instance this command will perform a full compile of all elements in AX.
ax32.exe -startupcmd=CompileAll

Here is a full list of all the startupcmd parameters in AX2009 and AX2012.
The code that controls this can be found in Class SysStartupCmd method construct.
You can also add your own commands by adding them to this method.

Command AX2009 Command AX2012 Usage setbuildno setbuildno Updates the version information text in the About Microsoft Dynamics AX dialog  updatebuildno updatebuildno Synchronize the Build Number Between the Application and Database  synchronize synchronize Synchronizes the data dictionary  compileall compileall Compiles the application  compilepartial Compiles the application and updates Crossreference  compilemodel Compiles a specific model