Axapta Manager (AxDynManagerV1.00)

I previously made a program to list, start and stop Dynamics AX Services.
But i always thought that is missed a few features, so now I am starting on this new version. (Download link)

This version will still handle list, start and stop of services, but also restart of services, and it will also support multiple servers.

And as something new i have added the possibility to start your Dynamics AX from the program, supporting multiple configurations.

The program is tested for AX 2009 and AX 2012.

When you start the program this is what you will see:

On the left you will see the list of services that you have, and on the right the list of possible AX configurations.

Config menu.

Under the menu item, Tools/Config, you can change the programs settings.

Here you can add/remove computers to look for services on.

To remove a computer from the list, double click on the item.
To add a computer, input its name in the text box, and press the "Add" button, or enter.
The refresh field controls how often the service list will be refreshed.

Controlling services.

If you right click on an item in the service list, you will get this menu, where you can start, stop or restart a service.
You can also control a service by double clicking on it, double clicking on a started service will stop it, and on a stopped service it will start it.

Starting AX.

If you double click on an item in the Configs list, that Dynamics AX will be started.
For right now the list of configurations are imported from the users registry, but i am working on changing this.

Planned changes.

  1. Service list:
    1. Add a counter of online users on the AOS.
    2. Group services, so you can start, stop or restart an entire group in one go.
  2. Config list:
    1. Import AX configuration file.
    2. Manually change/add configurations.
    3. Save / Load configuration list.
    4. Check if config's AOS is started, (Start if not)
Please do leave a comment if you find the program useful, have a bug or a suggestion for a change.


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