Define Elements in Excel and create them in AX. (DevCreateV1.05)

I made this little tool that creates Elements in AX based on definitions in an Excel sheet.

I found that when I was creating Tables for solutions I always liked to define them in an Excel sheet first, to get an overview before actually creating the elements in AX.

And then when I was done defining the solution, and had to create the Elements by hand in AX, I always thought if only I could feed this Excel sheet to AX, and create the elements automatically.

So well the idea of this tool was born, and now I have the first version of it ready.

Now it might be a little buggy still, and the code is not all that nice, but it's better than nothing.

And also I have only tested in on AX2009 for now. (AX2012 coming ASAP and then perhaps AX7)

As always you are welcome to leave a comment to tell me what you think.
All suggestions for improvements or other projects are welcome.

Download from here (link)
File contains one AX2009 private project, after import look at job DevCreate_NOTES for documentation.

EDIT : Updated to V1.06, Code now also works on AX2012.


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