Viser indlæg fra 2014

Axapta AOS Service manager

I don't know if this is a problem everyone have, but i find it annoying that when i have to start or stop the Axapta AOS service, then i have to start the Service Manager and find the right service in the long list of Windows services.

So i made this little tool for the task. It simply looks at the list of services on the machine for any Axapta AOS service, and displays them in a simple list.

The status in the list is represented by an Red(Stopped), Yellow(Starting or stopping) or Green(Started)
To start or stop a service you simply double click on the service.

You can install this program on your own server using ClickOnce just press this ( link )
If you have any comments on the program or perhaps an error, please let me know in the comments.

My Putty setup for Linux

This is my setup for PuTTY to connect to my Linux machines.

Terminal > Keyboard:
- The Function keys and keypad = Linux

- Character set translation on received data = UTF-8
- Adjust how to PuTTY handles line drawing character = Use Unicode line drawing code points

- Sending of null packets to keep session active = 60 # to avoid disconnection from server because of inactivity

- Terminal Details - Terminal-type string = linux

The other parameter seems to work fine by default.

Resize Hyper-V Disks

Just wanted to share this little Hyper-V tip.

If you are having problems resizing a Hyper-V disk you should try VhResizer from Peter Bursky.

Download link